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Carron Lee is the Founder of BI Guidance, UBE and Parent's Dojo. She has been in the pest management industry for more than 15 years. She is equipped with pest management knowledge and not forgetting her passion in doing business development for 10 years in the industry.
She is the pioneer for pest management start up business in UMC ServiceMaster Sdn Bhd (currently has been acquired by UEM) for the year of 2004-2011. Again, she embarked for her new career in a multinational company, SGS (M) Sdn Bhd in year 2011 and was given a task to have another start up for pest management department. She has been spending her passion and time on this Swiss company for the duration of 6 years. (2011-2017)

She is a lady who is passionate in doing Business Development and Business Integration. She has been explored in vary businesses by doing the integration when she was attached to her third Multinational Company.  

UBE is a Business & Technical Consulting company. With her passion in doing business integration, UBE will be a back bone of her overall businesses. This company will be fully focus in assisting clients and subsidiary companies in doing business development and technical support. 

BI Guidance is a subsidiary of UBE with the vision to ensure good training and development programme to be delivered to the pest management industry.

She is the Co-Founder for Parent's Dojo community. Parents' Dojo is a community to the young parents and they curate professional's articles. She is one of the professional writers who writes about Pest Management. The vision of Parent's Dojo is to enhance a young parent's knowledge by delivering informative information to them before their newborn is brought to the world. 
She believes in the saying 'Passion never fails'. On top of that, she always believe everyone has to balance their life, family, career and our own leisure time.
Stay connected and you will find out more about the updates on UBE, BI Guidance and Parent's Dojo.
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