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Rats Infested Office

A lot of people will be wandering how can an office can be infested with rats and cockroaches? An office is an office. Office is not a restaurant or a F&B outlet where you can normally find a lot of pests. So where is the root cause of pest infestation? Today I would like to share with you about Rats Infested Office. I have a customers who called me and asked for an inspection because their office is infested with rats. They work in the documentation room and there were no signs of rats entry point at their cubicle.

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When we carried out the inspection, we did not focus at one particular area. The documentation room might not be the source of entry point. As a professional inspector, we have to extend our inspection area. During the inspection I found an exit door around 100m away

From Photo 1, you can see there is a clearance at the bottom of the door. The gap is big enough for the rats to invade your premise. Can you see the doors in photo 2? The doors actually cannot be closed properly eventhough it looks perfectly closed from afar. In for Photo 3, there were signs of rat's gnawing. It shows that the rats actually gnawed at the wooden door and invaded the building through the identified path as their entry point. This answers the question on how the rats invaded the office in this scenario. All the clearance can be closed by using bristle or rubber strip brush which you can normally get from hardware shops.

Second suspected point of entry of rats will be as shown below.

The drainage hole. A lot of people overlook the importance in closing the drain hole properly. Rats like to travel via the piping connection of a building. If you understand the piping system, all of these drainage system is connected to the external drainage and that is the main source of rats intrusion. Rats infestation is due to the external environment of surrounding. Rats infestation is always from the external compound of the building. If you do not have a proper plan on building maintenance, your building is a high risk for rats infestation. Rats control is not an easy task and takes a lot of time if the infestation is heavy. Therefore, do remember to cover the drain hole and make sure it is covered properly.

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