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Design Matters

When you come to design, there are a lot of fancy designs for F&B outlets. However, people will always go for attractive interior designs and forget about the contribution of structural designs to pests. A lot of F&B owners who enjoy the atmosphere of the fancy designs but in the end suffer from pest infestation, and that is when they will think of pest controller.

Yes! You may think that is the pest controller job to get rid of your pest but without co-operation from customers, the control of your pests will be failed. Please remember that pest controller is there to help you to cure your problem. For prevention, you need pest management which you need to manage your own facility which is out of the pest controller's control.

Business & Technical Consulting

For Pest & Microbial Building Design, do check us out. Click on the image.

Back to Photo 1, look at the design. It's very easy for cockroaches and rats to cross infestation from 1 outlet to another outlet, though the design looks attractive. If your infestation is low (cockroaches), we can do gelling and residual spraying treatments. However, if the infestation is high, we will need to carry out misting treatment. By looking at the design as above, that's no way for us to carry out misting treatment unless we seal of the entire entrance.

Misting is an internal space treatment to target on your cockroaches, flies or mosquitoes. The environment or the retail outlet needs to be enclosed.

Please look at few more samples as below: -

The most challenging part of the above photos is, all the F&B outlets are near to each other. Their cockroaches or rats can be easily partying from one outlet to another; just like their customers.