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Environment, Ecology & Ecosystem

As everyone is putting a tagline 'ECOSYSTEM', I was wondering how many of them are really passionate and understand what an ecosystem is all about? How does it relate with our daily life? How is it interrelated with ecology and environment? In this blog, I would like to share differences between environment, ecology and ecosystem.

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Environment is a form of natural component, biotic (living) and abiotic (non living), interacting with each other and shape habitat and ecosystem of an organism. Earth is environment to us with components like water, air, living and non-living beings.


Ecology is the study of ecosystem. Ecology is the field which we study about the interaction among living things, between living things and their environment. Ecosystem is just part of ecology. Ecologist studies about the competition, biodiversity, adaption, succession development of ecosystem, natural resource management and etc. In urban ecology, ecologist is the one who study about the urban environment dominated by high density residential and commercial buildings.


Ecosystem is a biological community of living things (plants, animals and microbes) interacting with the physical environment (air, water, mineral, soil and etc) and all of these will be interacting as a system. When we mention about Green Building Ecosystem, we shall be touching on the topic on how does a system interacting between living things with the physical environment. Living things which inclusive of human, plants, insects, microbes, viruses and fungi.

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