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Aedes sp. (Eggs)

Have you ever wonder how does the mosquito eggs look like? Let me share with you. Different type of species will have different type of eggs.

Let's start with Aedes sp.. Aedes sp. is a clean water breeder. The black colour patches in the photo is Aedes sp. eggs which can be seen with your naked eyes. They do not lay eggs in the water. They lay eggs on a damp surface but they need water to hatch their eggs. The mosquito deposited the eggs singly. Well, you can illustrate their eggs as black fine sand. That's how their eggs look like with your naked eyes.

When you enlarge under the microscope, that's how it looks as shown in the above photo. Aedes sp. laid eggs can survive very long period especially during the dry season. Some text claimed the eggs can survive from 6 months to 1 year. However, the eggs will hatch once it submerged in the water. So, does it make sense to you why we have dengue outbreak? Eggs can be accumulated during the dry season and hatch during the rainy season. Increase of Aedes mosquitoes population.

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