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Culex sp. (Eggs)

Culex sp. is a night biter mosquito. I would say this is a common mosquito which you can normally find everywhere. Their peak hour is around 10pm to 2am. The mosquito is brown in colour.

Unlike Aedes sp. Culex sp. lay eggs on stagnant water. As this species is polluted water breeder, you will normally face mosquitoes outbreak when there is construction everywhere. The shape of Culex sp. is like a raft floating on the surface of the water. 1 raft consist of approximately 300 to 500 eggs. So, you can imagine how many mosquitoes that a female mosquito can contribute. It does not only apply to mosquito but to most of the insects.

Lately, I read this article and would like to share with you.

"ScienceDaily (Feb. 8, 2012) — A species of mosquito not seen in the UK since 1945 has been discovered breeding in the country. Populations of the mosquito, found across mainland Europe and known only by its Latin name Culex modestus, were recorded at sites in the marshes of north Kent and south Essex in 2010 and 2011..."

Culex modestus can transmit West Nile virus (WNV). This species has not been seen since 1945 and it's back again. So, sounds like it's not a good news to the British. However, since that mosquito is a flying insect, it can cross country. How?

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