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How Does Baiting System Work On Ants & Termites?

In late modern century, people are talking about baiting system most of the time. But, how much do you actually know about baiting system? Is baiting system that powerful or just sales rep trying to push hard on their product?

In my blog, I will not comment much on whether baiting system is better or conventional method will do a better threat to the pest but, I will let my readers understand more on each method workings. Today's blog will be about, "How does baiting system work on ants and termites?"

Have you ever heard the word trophallaxis? Trophallaxis is the behaviour from the social insects which make the baiting system successful in the whole process. Without trophallaxis, baiting system fails for social insects. So, what type of insects are categorised as social insects? Insects like ants, termites, bees and wasps falls under this category.

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Trophallaxis is actually a transfer food or fluid process among social insects from mouth to mouth or from mouth to anus. The foraging workers of the ants cannot digest solid food. Therefore, most of the time, we will see these foraging workers busy carrying all the particles on the floor (food debris, sugar and etc) back to their nest. They will feed their larvae in their colony who will digest the solid food and regurgitate the food contents (now a liquid form) back to adult ants. Hence, the ants will be sharing and feeding the food to the other member in the ants colony. This is the trophallaxis from mouth to anus with the help of larvae to digest their food.

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