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Mansonia sp. (Eggs)

Mansonia sp. is a vector of malayan (brugian) filariasis disease. The eggs look like a cluster facing down to the water. It's a bit different from Culex sp. though both looks in a raft shape.

If you wonder how does a person look like when infected with filariasis disease, here are the photos.

Scary isn't it? Therefore, as I mentioned last time, the best way to control mosquitoes is not chemical treatment. It's the environmental management and source reduction.

If you want the larvae to be killed of, chemical application (larvaciding) will not be the wise method.

(The above photo does not belong to Carron Lee. It is an extract photo from internet.)

The last photo was showing the Mansonia sp. larva on water lettuce root. It tells us larvaciding treatment will not help in this case compare with other species. In order to get rid of this mosquito, we need to clear all the aquatic plants or vegetables; and there goes the best controlling method for Mansonia larvae.

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