First Step To Understand Insecticides Mode Of Action

Have you ever seen people doing fogging as shown in the photo?

And how about the image as below?

Those are the photos which showing pest controller was carrying out fogging treatment at the external compound and residual spraying at the internal compound. Besides that, there are a few more treatments such as residual spraying, gelling treatment and etc.

What do the photos tell us? Those are the type of applications which are available in the market. Treatment is just a method in passing the chemicals to the targeted pests? However, have we ever thought deeply how does the chemical react in the insect's body? By understand on this mechanism, it will not just help you to know more but it helps you to understand more on how to do a proper chemical rotation.

In order for us to understand insecticides mode of action, the very basic step that we need to understand is the insect's nervous system. Nervous system is a system which act in transmitting information throughout the body. Similar with human, nervous system in insect will tell them what do they see, what do they feel and how shall they react.

Scenario: You touch a hot kettle. You know it's hot. You know you need to remove your hand immediately and it will store in your memory that you shall not touch for the second time! This whole process is done by your nervous system.

The nervous system has 2 components. 1) Peripheral nervous system and 2) Central nervous system (CNS) Take a look at the below picture.